[python] MI5 Persecution: Counter-surveillance sweep by Nationwide Investigations Group

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> Counter-surveillance sweep by Nationwide Investigations Group
> In July 1994 the private detective agency Nationwide Investigations Group 
> conducted an electronic counter-surveillance
> sweep of my parents' home in London. They checked for radio transmitter 
> devices, and tested the telephone line for attached
> bugs. They found nothing.
> I am afraid that I was unsurprised at their not finding any evidence of 
> covert surveillance. It had been made very clear to me,
> particularly during 1990-92, that audio, and almost certainly video, 
> surveillance of my parents' home was taking place. But this
> would not have been made quite so obvious unless the persecutors were 
> confident of their apparatus being undetectable using the
> technology the police, or a private agency like Nationwide, would be 
> using.
> I don't know very much about the surveillance technology that has been 
> used against me, but I understand that devices can be built
> which switch off on receiving a coded command, and may switch on again 
> after a counter- surveillance sweep has completed; that devices
> may rapidly alter the frequency of transmission, "frequency-hopping" 
> devices which presumably cannot be detected in a sequential scan
> of the sort employed by Nationwide; and of course "probe" microphones can 
> be inserted "through-the-wall", although I hesitate to
> believe our neighbours would permit this.
> We paid Nationwide Ł411.25 (including VAT) for the surveillance sweep, 
> which took them about an hour and a half to complete, using
> a "Professional 5000 multi-scanner, CCL UHF scanner and Guideline 
> telephone tap detector." As I said above, I don't know very much
> about these things, so I can't comment on the capabilities or otherwise of 
> this equipment. But clearly the "watchers" are using
> technology which in 1994 was beyond the detection capabilities of a good 
> private detective agency.
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