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Pátek Březen 31 13:29:41 CEST 2017

                      ANNOUNCE: sqlkit 0.8.6

                        September, 12 - 2009

I'm happy to announce release 0.8.6 of sqlkit package for python.


This release

This is the first stable release. It features a new interface for the
standalone command (sqledit), many improvements and functions added.

We have used pyinstaller to create standalone executable for Linux and Mac,
you can download them to use the application and to run the demo.

It's now registered in pypi so you can 'easy_install' it.
I'm currently looking for a debian sponsor to upload the package in sqeeze.

A new tutorial is available here:

Refer to http://sqlkit.argolinux.org/download/Changelog for details

The package
SQLkit PyGtk package provides Mask and Table widgets to edit database
data. It's meant as a base for database desktop applications.

The application
It also provides 'sqledit' a PyGTK application based on sqlkit that can be
used from command line to browse and edit data. 

The package has 2 very rich demo suites for sql widgets (the main one in
sqlkit/demo/sql/demo.py) and for layout creation

If you like sqlkit and want to help translating, you may find the project on:

Main features of sqlkit:

  * editor of databases in 2 modes: table & mask
  * based on sqlalchemy: can cope with many different databases
  * very powerfull filtering capabilities:
        - each field can be used to filter records
	- filter may span relationship
        - date filtering possible also on relative basis (good for saved 
  * completion on all text field and foreign keys
  * very easy way to draw a layout for mask views
  * completely effortless editing of relationships
  * very easy way to set defaults
  * possibility to display totals of numeric fields
  * any possible sql constraint can be attached to a Mask or a 
    Table. It can be expressed a s a normal sqlalchemy query or with 
    django-like syntax
  * sqledit: python script to edit db

Sqlkit is based on:
  * python (>= 2.4 - but developed on 2.5) 	
  * PyGtk	
  * Sqlalchemy (>= 0.5)
  * glade
  * python-dateutil
  * babel (localization)
  * you db driver of choice

Dowload & more:

  * Download:     http://sqlkit.argolinux.org/sqlkit/download.html
                  easy_install sqlkit
  * Source:       hg clone http://hg.argolinux.org/py/sqlkit
  * Google Group: http://groups.google.it/group/sqlkit/
  * Translation:  https://launchpad.net/sqlkit
  * Tutorial:     http://sqlkit.argolinux.org/sqlkit/tutorial.html
  * Changelog:    http://sqlkit.argolinux.org/download/Changelog
  * License:      GNU GPL

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