[python] 3 Python Developers and futher Developers in Berlin needed!

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Pátek Březen 31 13:32:23 CEST 2017

Hi Folks,

hope it is okay to post job offers here. If not sorry for the spam and 
please let me know!

One of our clients is looking for new and talented people to join their 
international, seven people strong, developers team in the heart of 
Berlin. You will join an awesome, nice and humble startup and you can 
enjoy the coffee and smoothie flatrate whilst playing a quick round of 
foosball in between. The team is working with Scrum and TDD so everybody 
stays involved and English is the language of choice. Furthermore they 
go out for a beer now and then and the company can even provide you with 
housing for the first couple of weeks in Berlin. Excited? Here are the 
job details:

// Python Backend Developer
You speak Python whilst dreaming and you do have experience with Django 
or RoR? You are not afraid of Javascript, HTML, CSS nor unit or 
functional testing (cucumber, lettuce) and github is your source codes 
living room?

// Java Backend Developer
You’ve worked on a professional Java (J2EE, J2SE 5/6) application at 
least for two years and you liked Spring and Hibernate on Facebook? Even 
the following technologies: Lucenel Solr, Tomcat, JBoss and GIT don’t 
make you sweat?

// Technical QA Manager
You mainly discuss about object oriented programming concepts with your 
friends? xUnit, TDD, BDD in combination with Scrum and XP raise your 
heartbeat? You call Ubuntu, Nginx, PostgreSQL as well as Python, Django 
and GIT your daily bread?

// Frontend Developer (Javascript)
You are a talent with Javascript in general and particularly with 
jQuery, Require.js and Backbone.js? You do testing and object orientated 
coding by heart and the user experience always comes in the first place 
for you?

If so, request more details and apply: Tweet @webcrowdnet or email at 
hello na webcrowd.net or just reply  here for further information.

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